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Do you want to manipulate your parts?

FTS offers you different types of modular gripping, welded and flexible grippers that will meet the characteristics of your robot and the needs of your project.

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Modular grip

To meet the product requirements and maintainability of production lines, FTS has developed a library of modules that can be assembled to create modular gripping for different types of applications: handling, processing, and geometry. When replacing any component, we guarantee a geometry accuracy of plus or minus 0.3mm, thus avoiding on-site geometry checks.

Welded mecanical set grip

When modular grippers do not meet customer requirements, FTS is capable of studying and designing specific grippers for a wide range of applications.

Specific grippers

To meet the growing demand of some customers to create flexible lines, FTS has developed modules incorporating servo motors controlled by the robot. This innovative solution allows for adaptation to the issues of payload and ROI of your installation.

With over 6,600 grippers installed worldwide, FTS is recognized as one of the leaders in this technology.

Our achievements

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