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FTS offers training in the use of its equipment, in order to give complete autonomy to its customers' maintenance and operating personnel.

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Our training program

Our training courses cover the following topics:

  • Beginner robotic programming

  • Advanced robotic programming

  • Offline programming

  • Operation of robotic welding cell

  • MIG/MAG, CMT, CMT Twin welding

  • TIG welding

  • Resistance welding

The benefits of our training

During the training you benefit from:

  • courses structured in a methodical and didactic way,

  • educational cells, facilities and systems

  • current knowledge about robots, automation, processes and applications,

Targeted audience

Our training courses are aimed at:

  • Operators and adjusters

  • Maintenance technicians

  • Programmers and integrators


Our training courses are carried out in partnership with AFPI which is certifiedQUALIOPI.

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This certification attests to the quality of the training process offered in accordance with the legal requirements for professional training.

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