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Arc welding

Do you need arc welding expertise?

For many years, FTS has been an important part of the industry specializing in MIG/MAG and TIG welding applications.

Mastering the entire welding and robotics process, we are able to offer you a personalized solution that meets your objectives and thus support you in putting it into production.

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Test cells

FTS has a Fanuc Arc Mate robot cell equipped with a 500kg positioner. This cell is equipped with the latest Fronius sources, which allow TIG welding techniques with added material, MIG, CMT, LSC and PMC.

Our welding expert (IWT) in partnership with Fronius will offer you a welding solution that best meets your needs.

The solutions

We propose cells equipped with ABB, Fanuc and Kuka robots. These are equipped with multi-axis positioners.


The tools made by FTS will allow you to optimize the geometry of your parts in order to guarantee your requests.

We also offer standard F/i Cobot cells, fitted with Universal Robot and Fanuc cobots with the IMIT function. (For more information go to the F/i Cobot page)

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