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F/i Cobot

How to increase your market share, by improving your welding performance, while making life easier for your operators?


The automation of welding activities has become essential to remain competitive in this industry which is constantly changing. F/i cobot has emerged as the solution that simultaneously improves the working conditions of operators, enhances their know-how, reduces human risks and thus guarantees their safety. This solution also makes it possible to quickly increase productivity in the workshop, particularly on small and medium series.

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IMITE function

The F/i Cobot is equipped with the IMITE® (I Memorise It Then Execute) function, which allows the robot to automatically learn the trajectory when the operator welds the first part. Thus, the operator does not need any knowledge of robotics to operate the cobotic station.

Programming function

This function available on cobots has been simplified and translated into French by FTS technicians. The programming is carried out in a guided way and is therefore accessible to as many people as possible. This method is often used for making simple welds (straight or circular arc).


Equipped with a Fronius welding source, F/i Cobot can integrate the entire range of Fronius MIG/MAG/TIG generators.


The F/i Cobot is equipped with a SIEGMUND table which ensures correct placement of parts, their proper holding with repeatability assurance.


The welding robot is collaborative in its learning phase and can operate close to the welder. The equipment is integrated in a protective cell for people working in the environment. The cell is also delivered to you with CE certification.

F/i Cobot was produced and marketed in partnership with :

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Our achievements

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