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Machines and tools

Do you need to weld screws, nuts and various parts by resistance?

FTS studies and manufactures tools to be integrated into an existing machine or a complete solution.

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The tools can be designed with one, two, or three workstations, with loading by operator or robot, on a fixed table or on a rotary plate depending on the production rates desired by the customer.


All the tools can be designed to process several parts of the same family with manual or automatic operation.


We control the welding parameters. The final inspection of the tools is carried out in our workshop using control equipment or laser trackers.


For welding tools for stationary machines:

  • Electrodes: standard or specific depending on the need

  • Transformer: medium frequency or 50 Hz

  • Welding sequence: ARO / Bosh or WTC

  • Automatic component feeding

  • Slag blowing

For robotic cell tools :

  • We define commercial components to best meet the customer's specifications regarding part geometry and productivity guarantees.


We deliver all our tools with a certificate of incorporation. They also comply with CE regulations.

Our achievements

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